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No matter how clean it is in the house, apartment, office, cafe, restaurant, but dirty, not washed Windows, covered with a layer of dust and rain drips, completely deprive the room of the atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Dirt on the glass-it’s not just ugly. It prevents sunlight from entering the room and even the most stylish interior looks gloomy and unsightly. It is not in vain that the ancient Eastern sages believe that positive energy enters the dwelling through the window openings. Therefore, timely and correct care of the Windows is extremely important. It is not a problem to take care of modern plastic window constructions. But how to maintain the purity of glass residents of high-rise buildings (and most Muscovites live in high-rise buildings), without risking their own health? In this case, the service to wash the window becomes particularly relevant.

1 Modern window washing in the apartment-the work of professionals

2 Features of professional window cleaning
Modern washing of Windows in the apartment-the work of professionals
Keeping high-rise Windows clean is not an easy task. Even if the owner of the dwelling managed to avoid danger, it is not always possible to achieve the desired results. Employees of cleaning companies have all the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge and skills. Effective and inexpensive washing of Windows in Moscow is carried out by professionals using special equipment and detergents, so that the glass becomes crystal clear and mirror Shine. They will not be noticeable drips, stains, scratches. The service is provided regardless of the size of the window openings and the floor on which the room is located.
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Features of professional window cleaning
This type of service in the field of cleaning – not a novelty. In Western Europe, it appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Professional window cleaning in the apartment specialists is complex and involves the treatment of the special chemical processing of cornices, window sills, window frames with internal and external parties, rubbing soffits and flashings, cleaning of glass, if necessary, the clear space between frames. The sequence of the technological process worked for years. The work uses not the usual household chemicals, which are sold in stores, and modern high-performance formulations. Strong contamination can be removed by using a safe scraper, leaving no scratches. Frames and window sills are wiped with microfiber cloths. At the final stage of work, the residue of the detergent solution is removed and the glass is dried with the help of a rubber fold.

High-quality window cleaning will help to fill your home with sunlight, Shine, stunning feeling of comfort.

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