The tactics of the game for the elves in Warcraft

This article is General and carries General information about the game in Warcraft 3, as well as the features of each of Russ. And don’t forget to buy Kiljaeden heroic 🙂


The tactics of the Game is the plan for the initial action that You need, as quickly as possible to implement. How many players, so many opinions. Below You will read the opinions of the developers of the site. And before you go to the tactics, I’ll give You some tips which are suitable for each race:

  • The more You have gold mines, the more chances You have to win.
  • Assign some buildings on the button.
  • Put the point of gathering military hero.
  • Than You have a hero stronger so You have more chances to win.
  • In WarCraft III the outcome of the battle depends heavily on the hero.
  • In battle more just try to kill the enemy hero.
  • Do not forget about the technical level, explore all possible.
  • Just do not forget about defense.

Night elves

At the beginning of the game You are given five working. Send two to mine gold, one on mining the forest, and another two to build buildings in which You will be able to hire a hero and the army. At this time, build four more workers, the first of them tell them to build a Moon Well. The rest was spread over the resources. Hire any hero. And start building the army. Build a building where You can conduct research, and spend they do not slow down, so this building will give You the opportunity to hire a new combat unit. The night elves, in my opinion a bad defense, so to save You should only the army. The night elves all combat units are fast, agile, and most can be masked by the night. As soon as you accumulate a small army, you go to pump the hero. At this time improve database. And construct new buildings. Then I can not advise You, it all depends on You.

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