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If you are promoting yourself – you want to first attract an audience, gain followers, and after making your image, personal pictures will be the main content. If you are promoting your business, stick to a pre-selected style. Optimal frequency of posts is 1-2 a day.

Earnings in instagram
For example, you can have tasty and beautifully cooked. Why not post photos to Instagram, adding to its popularity?!
Strict rules here, but there are recommendations from experienced instagram users:

  • Use the filters and don’t be afraid to create – the more creative the pictures, the more followers.
  • Only post high-quality images, namely snapshots are not interesting.
  • Make each photo a little story.
  • Periodically post videos – but not too long, not more than 5 minutes.
  • Sign your pictures – where, when and why removed.
  • Use hashtags – then your photo will be easier to find.
  • Attractive visuals encourages the study of text content. The more interesting photo and video content, the more comments, subscribers, transitions to a basic website and call buyers.
  • Dont’t forget to buy insta likes for your account


Attract subscribers
The first subscribers are your friends, acquaintances, and sometimes unfamiliar people who came to your page accidentally. If you synchronize your profile with other social networks, the audience will gain quickly.

Further promotion depends on your activity and creativity. The more time you spend on promoting your page, the more you will achieve. If there is no time, but there are free tools, use paid methods of promotion account.

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